WP-PRO-QUIZ very simple bulk uploader in Excel

I’ve arrived very recently to this very useful wordpress plugin and honestly, it’s absolutely amazing and completely free. It’s a pity its development has been discontinued for more than 5 years. Anyway, it seems to be working perfectly in the most recents wordpress releases.

One of the less user friendly functionalities of this great plug-in is the xml export-import file support. I’ve played a little bit with it but, since my pacience and programming skills are quite short, I gave up in few days. Nevertheless, playing a little bit with its DB tables, I found a way to overcome my limitations and I’ve been able to create a very simple vbScript in Excel to be able to generate the SQL sentences to upload complete quizzes.

This Excel script is very limitied so far and I can give you free of charge. Find bellow link with instructions for downloading

WP-PRO-QUIZ bulk uploader script in Excel


Send download link to:

If you have problems with the sheet, you can upload your files here:

Upload files

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  1. Dear Expert,

    I am in teaching profession and I am hving huge set of question datasets which can be of great use fro students for practicing and upskilling themselves

  2. Please I need it, I have been trying to import execel file and other xml files, I would see “import successful” but wont see the file.

  3. hello i am new in wordpress and i was looking to build to a quiz website and searched a lot in which i found i end up into paying stuff where i need to pay a lot and dont know whether it will work or not . if you are genuine saying these things then please let me know your plugin and codes i would like to give a short to it .

    thank you in advance

    1. I don’t have a plugin; only an Excel script to allow uploading questions to WP-PRO-Quiz plugin.

  4. Please I need it, I have been trying to import execel file and other xml files, I would see “import successful” but wont see the file.


    Thanks for your help. Please, share your script with me.

    Thanks for your valuable time for this script preparation.

  6. Sir, Please share the script as possible along with the import procedure, because I’m new to this field.

    And kindly tell the import method you have followed, No I have WP QUIZ PRO plugin which I downloaded from google, I think that plugin is not full version something is missing I don’t exactly what is missing. In that plugin import option only shows ( allowed XML) format file.

    My humble request is kindly share me the “plugin” you have using along with the “import method procedure” you have followed.

    Thanks in advance Miguel Rodriguez

  7. Bonjour,
    Je suis enseignant et très intéressé par ce plugin pour gérer toutes mes questions.
    Merci pour ce partage gratuit.
    Bon dimanche à vous,

    1. Hello, you have just to fill the first tab like in the example, then press button Generate Query and then copy the SQL sentences generated in the following tab. Later you’ll have to paste those sentences in your preferred SQL tool to run the script against your WordPress DB. You may need to correct db name.

  8. What exact sql tool should I use….and should it run directly against the WP DB on live server.
    Further steps with an example of an SQL tool and how to use it will be appreciated

  9. I have managed to find out how to change DB name…. but when I try inserting to my DB there is an error on line 2
    ‘You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘SELECT @quizId := LAST_INSERT_ID(); INSERT INTO testdb.wp_wp_pro_quiz_question ‘ at line 2’

    How do I fix this

    1. Hello, I don’t have a clue. Please, upload your file using the button I’ve enabled at the end of the text within the post.

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