WP-PRO-QUIZ very simple bulk uploader in Excel

I’ve arrived very recently to this very useful wordpress plugin and honestly, it’s absolutely amazing and completely free. It’s a pity its development has been discontinued for more than 5 years. Anyway, it seems to be working perfectly in the most recents wordpress releases.

One of the less user friendly functionalities of this great plug-in is the xml export-import file support. I’ve played a little bit with it but, since my pacience and programming skills are quite short, I gave up in few days. Nevertheless, playing a little bit with its DB tables, I found a way to overcome my limitations and I’ve been able to create a very simple vbScript in Excel to be able to generate the SQL sentences to upload complete quizzes.

This Excel script is very limitied so far and I can give you free of charge. You have just so post me a message bellow with a valid e-mail and I’ll sent it to you with some aditional instructions.

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  1. Dear Expert,

    I am in teaching profession and I am hving huge set of question datasets which can be of great use fro students for practicing and upskilling themselves

  2. Please I need it, I have been trying to import execel file and other xml files, I would see “import successful” but wont see the file.

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