Program management Excel sheet

Overwhelmed by all the projects you have to manage? Everybody asking for status reports? I perfectly understand the daily life of current project/program managers, because I suffer it every day.

Companies are not properly staffing the PM/PgM role and we have to deal with a lot of projects in parallel. I’ve spent much of my career having to manage several projects at the same time and I don’t like having to update tons of slides to report all the stuff.

Although I like and daily use a lot MS Project, in my experience, this is great to plan and follow one big project, but not for managing a bunch of medium to small initiatives. In these cases, I prefer Excel over MS Project.

I’ve prepared and finetuned with real projects the Excel sheet that I’m sharing with the community in this post.

You can use, modify or share it. I’m leaving it at no cost, but with no warranty and no detailed instructions. It’s ready to fill your data and quite easy to start working on. If I have time, I’ll try to improve it or leave some help inside in the future.

In any case, if you find it useful, you have any question or you want to suggest any improvement, leave me a message. Enjoy it!

Program Management Excel sheet


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